Captain Planet (4×4) – No New Friends



Hey Garzy ➕ TOUGHEST
Captain to the Planet ➕BADDEST (2X)

No New Friends No New Friends
Am Still Rocking with My old friends (4x)

No new friends still with old friends
My day one nigga still be my bestfriend
If i add 1 more e no go make sense
The only 1 wey i add be my girlfriend (wife)
So i mentioned the name we started trending
Some new friends always pretending
So F them other niggas them for go rest
Abonsan bii i go send them to hell
Na we ron things inna the whole world
U for know say My circle be too small
So do u think i for add more? No
I get God so that be all ➕Yes
I dey represent 4×4 ➕abi u know
If u no agree u go fit bore➕Go & die
Paddy Man kaafei dull
Na the same ghana people say i do allllll
Then chale u be part of many more
no new friends➕many more
Still rocking my old friends

Part 2
Some friends r badder than terrorist-Osama
Them dey come give fake fake promises-in ghana
But i no see them them be comedies
Non entities cheap comodities
Na Them go stab u in the dark
But later go talk say i got ur back
That be bitch move
That be so wack
That be the reason y i no dey do throwback
For example be biggy n 2 pac
Nigga dnt come and act like u love me
But i dnt care if u no dey like me
Dnt talk about me u no dey feed me
I know say u be my number 1 enemy
Some friends r just like parasite
Wo Sika ba them go blow like dynamite
My brain big pass ur hard drive terabyte
U dey hate me that be so uncivilise
Adwenfi nti u no go go paradise
my future so bright more than city light
Chale watch me am going higher height

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