One Africa Music Festival organizers apologies to Sarkodie (Read Apology letter)


One Africa Music Festival organizer sent his apology to Sarkcess Music multiple award winning rapper/CEO Sarkodie for not performing at the concert which took place in Dubai because of management miscommunication.
Letter message was writing by Paul O, owner of organizing body, Upfront & Personal.

Read apology below

“On November 16, 2017, One Africa Global (OAG), held the fifth installment of the One Africa Music Fest (OAMF) in Dubai, thanks to Pepsi, the Dubai Tourism Board and our other sponsors it turned out to be a hugely successful event that was enjoyed by a sold out crowd at the Madinat Jumeriah, and was also live streamed to millions of fans around the world.

As we continue to build our brand, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest esteem of professionalism and integrity to both our fans and artists and will continue to reach across all cultures, boundaries and understandings that collectively form One Africa.

At the same time we call on all performing artists and fans alike to embrace that they appear as ambassadors of our culture and genre of music, and as such they must equally be held accountable for their behavior when attending one of our events, especially with regards to artists who are judged not only in their individual capacity but also on the actions and inactions of their entourage. The irony being no matter how well behaved an artist is, if a member of your entourage acts up the law, the press and the media only know you (the artist). We full heartedly thank all the artists that performed at OAMF Dubai.

However we would like to offer our sincerest apologies to Sarkodie, his team and all his fans that came out to see him, due to management miscommunication, that led to him not performing and we regret that we missed out on his performance.

We at OAG are personally accountable on delivering on all our commitments, and as such take it to heart when commitments are not fulfilled to either the artist or the fans. As we continue to improve our platform and the experience shared by the artist and fans our goals remain undeterred bringing Afrobeats enthusiasts under one roof, one shared love, one family, One Africa.

Thank you.

Paul O

(O.A.G.CEO)@oneafrica_musicfest@oneafricaglobal@fuzengn @sarkodie@djmensah @polawuk @angeltownbaby”


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