Stonebwoy – Come From Far (Prod By Mix Masta Garzy)


Mix master garzy!! Yeah
O nana na (Na Na )
O nana na
O na na na
STONEBWOY (arrbwoy)
Hear Me tell dem Say

Continue to do your whine
Flex your body my girl
No one can stop your shine
As you dey do am so
You no do no crime
And whenever you hear this Riddim
You better waste no time
Waste no time Yo o o


You know we come from far
We no watch nobody
Keke Keke
Bubble and whine to the Riddim and dance everyday 2x
So me say tell all the girls
Inna di world
Say without them we can’t enjoy earth
Dem a the reason why we do weh We Do
So me say big up the sexy one dem inna Perth
Australia, perfect the barber is a maniac
When it comes to the girlist area
No tell me about another man a woman a me savior
Yeah ,
Ahhh Ah Ah!
I love to watch girl dance and whine dem body
Ohhh Oh Oh ,
kill dem with the dutty whine

Wiggle up that back make me see
Turn it all up empty that bottle of Hennessy
O lord of mercy
The way you a Gwaan You Turn On The Almighty
So gimme the opportunity
Front way back way make me enter the vicinity
Yeah , Till eternity
Your bumper a mash up the world
And no Girl can beat it.. Ahhh ah ah!! I love to watch girl dance and whine dem body
Ohhh oh oh !! kill dem with the dutty whine


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