Kantanka Automobile Company owned by Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo has been in the commercial scene of Ghana, Africa and beyond for the past three to four years after the company was officially commissioned in 2015.

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It has always been a dream come true for a nation like Ghana to own an indigenous assembling and manufacturing of vehicles company.

Although lots of Ghanaians are yet to use and patronize the proud vehicles built by the local engineers of the country, Kantanka vehicles have been tested and proven to be the best vehicles suitable for the Ghanaian and the African terrain.

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The company manufacture vehicles ranging from Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) with the model name Onantefo, Mini SUVs ( K71), Pickups (Omama) and Saloon (Mensah and Amoanimaa) respectively.

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In an exclusive radio interview with the General Manager of the Company widely known as Mr. Francis Kojo Kujoji on Neat FM, he made it known to the public that plans are on the way for the company to officially launch their Uber like vehicles with 1.0cc and 0.8 cc respectively.

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During the interview, he was able to unveil and explain to Ghanaians how Apostle Safo and his entire team of engineers’ manufacture and assembly their proud made in Ghana vehicles.

Click on the link to listen to the full interview with the General Manager of Kantanka Automobile digesting the operations of the company ranging from their prices, partners in Europe they have collaborated with and other trigging information about the Kantanka brand.

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