Kuami Eugene has rubbished claims that he planned with legendary highlife musician Amakye Dede to crown him the ‘King of Highlife’ at 20th edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Amakye Dede crowned the talented young artiste, who won ‘Highlife Artiste of the Year’, as the future of Ghana’s highlife genre during the event.

Amakye Dede blessed him as a father would do to his beloved son and gave him a golden crown to depict how special the gesture meant to him.

Some Ghanaians do not appear happy about the gesture.

The gesture is said to amount to disrespect to other highlife artistes, who either emerged or are making waves than Kuami Eugene in the past two years.

Some believed Bisa K’dei deserved the honour than Kuami Eugene. Others went said the whole crowning incident was planned to hype Kuami Eugene.

Speaking to JoyNews, Kuami Eugene refuted the rumours, explaining that it was never planned, adding that, it rather served as a blessing to him.

“It was a good feeling and performing with Amakye Dede was a blessing. With the crown, it is also a blessing upon my life. I think it’s a negative vibe to say he was forced. Why can’t we appreciate goodness when it happens,”? the ‘Angela’ hitmaker queried.

Kuami Eugene, who was not bothered by criticisms, said he deserved the praise from the veteran highlife musician, Amakye Dede because he had worked hard over the years.

“I’ve won ‘Highlife Artiste of the Year’ back-to-back. Let me say that alone proves I am doing highlife well. I do live performances too and if I have been crowned Highlife act of the new era, I don’t think there is anything bad about it,” he explained.


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