Gospel musician, Anita Afriyie, says musicians who rely fully on the anointing of God will never attain limelight in Ghana’s music space.

In an interview on Fox FM in Kumasi, she discarded the popular assertion that God is capable of doing the impossible.

“I disagree with those who say we musicians have made singing a business. This is because, in every work, no matter how anointed you are if you do not have money, your anointing will be wasted,” she argued.

She said: “It’s somebody who will push you to fame and that person is going to use the money to promote you. Therefore, if your promoter does not invest in the music, you cannot make it.”

She backed her argument with the fact that even radio and television stations owned by popular Ghanaian men of God aren’t free? A musician or any other person will have to pay money before being granted the airtime to promote his/her music or business.

To Ms Afriyie, musicians need money to make it to the top in the entertainment industry and not God’s anointing.


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